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Zet (also known as Zed) is a Core Magi who serves Agram alongside Korg. The two were the first Shadow Magi sent through the first Shadow Geyser to do Agram's bidding in the Moonlands. Zet's plans, however, are often ruined by Korg's stupidity.

Magi-Nation Duel

Zet was released as two cards in Magi-Nation Duel. His Promotional card has the starting cards of Terrorize, Turn, Koil, and Shadow Cloak. His Awakenings card, Korg & Zet, has the starting card of Shadow Cloak.

Zet convinced the citizens of Bograth to accept Korg as their king in order to get rid of his bumbling partner. This action led to a war between Bograth and Paradwyn. source needed


Zet, along with Korg, were the first Shadow Magi to arrive from the Core through the first of Agram's Shadow Geysers in Bograth. Only weak Magi such as themselves could travel to the Moonlands as the first Shadow Geyser was relatively unstable.

In Naroom, the duo attacked Tony Jones upon his entering the Moonlands but fell while pursing Tony up some stairs due to Korg's fear of being seen. They later attempted to kill Orwin when he was poisoned but were thwarted by Orwin's becoming invisible.

In the Underneath, the duo kidnapped Gruk in order to set a trap for Tony, but their plans backfired thanks to Korg's arrogance.

Zet and Korg attempted to interfere with the plans of Tony Jones to close the Shadow Geysers but failed. Zet battled against Tony after the closing of Orothe's Shadow Geyser.

After Tony used the Core Glyph at the Core Gate to return to Tavel Gorge, the duo again battled Tony on a bridge. Upon their defeat, the bridge crumbled sending Korg and Zet to their deaths.


Zet fought with his spells, Cunning Blow and Lightning, and powerful Core Creatures including Kazor and Vile Yogu.

TV Series

Zed was the bumbling partner to Korg and is an impulsive and weak Shadow Magi. He received his Dream Creatures from Agram. Final Dreamer

GGC Gallery


  • Zet is one of the few characters in the GBC game with his own battle theme.

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